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Screen Actors Guild 2018
Outstanding performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role

By Denzel Longford

04:10 pm, Sun, Jan 22nd, 2018 | Updated 09:12 pm, Sun, Jan 22nd, 2018

Actors are applauding Saoirse Ronan and the award has yet to be announced.

Producers told waiting press "Saoirse has won a Screen Actors Guild Award".

Insiders suggested the actor "has received confirmation of the win but has to stay silent until a public announcement and presentation of an award".


Judi Dench was left in tears at 2.05 pm on Sunday. British Actor looked tired and depressed whilst leaving a limo.

Her red carpet entrance described as "a lost soul forgotten and disgarded by the elite in Hollywood".

Margot Robbie waved at fans and shouted "I'm gonna win". Producers failed to respond to the actor as she walked in the door.

Sally Hawkins brushed aside a reporter and rushed past two Producers. Frances McDormand stared at Sally.

Expect tears and actors walking out early to hide their disgust at the end of the night.