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Call of Duty World War 3 Map pack shooters could attack American malls
By Denzel Longford

11:10 am, Fri, Dec 1st, 2017 | Updated 11:12 am, Fri, Dec 1st, 2017

Los Angeles. - Call of Duty World War 3 map pack 3 causing psychological problems across the United States.

Keith Maine "I watched a Call of Duty World War 3 fan play the latest game. His eyes are bloodshot and the constant pointing of weapons at the screen increased his panic attacks.

Young men are playing the game for 12 hours a day to beat multiplayer teams around the world.

Sales of guns in Los Angeles have increased. It is only a matter of time before someone goes out to a shopping mall and kills innocent victims in broad daylight.

The game increasing violence in Downtown Los Angeles and it is now spreading towards Malibu".

Helen Straines "Parents should watch the behaviour of teenagers playing Call of Duty World War 3. The new map pack is causing problems…I have seen teenagers drinking, injecting drugs to stay awake during lengthy multiplayer games online.

Young men are blocking windows with black curtains and playing for hours. You don't know what is going on…some are preparing ammunition for attack on malls in Los Angeles.

Drugs, alcohol and this dangerous game has created 'computer zombies' hell bent on taking out their frustrations on law abiding citizens of Malibu and Los Angeles".

Penelope Haines "I second that…Parents, Politicians and community workers must protect citizens from being killed. We don't want another Las Vegas shooting because some teenagers decided to act out their fantasy on the streets of L.A. or Malibu".

Larry Benoir "It is just a bit of harmless fun on the internet. Call of Duty is addictive…but I wouldn't walk into a shopping mall and target other teenagers if I lost a game".

Dean Sowelli "Call of Duty World War 3 should be banned. Teenagers are being sold the game for half price in Los Angeles. Just hand over some drugs and you can play the ultimate shooter".

Alex Relzinger "Don't mix alcohol and drugs with this game. Once you play the zombies multiplayer pack…you enter into a different world…if you have a real gun on a table beside you…next thing…you be walking down the street and attempt to kill innocent citizens outside in the real world.

Just be sensible and allow adults to control your access to the game. Computer games are enjoyable…only if you play by the rules".