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Apple virus sending computer users over the edge

By Spencer Daniels
09:06 am, Fri, 1st Dec, 2017 | Updated 09:16 am, Fri, 1st Dec, 2017

Australia. —
Australian media websites are spreading Apple computer viruses to millions of users today.

Demetri Ossimoro "Apple updates are available to download but so far Australian media outlets have been slow to defend their websites against attacks online. website has been hit a number of times this morning. Millions of users are seeing a large white rectangle onscreen displaying a message about Apple computer virus…please press button onscreen to rectify the problem.

Thousands of Sydney users pressed the button and then got re-directed to another screen with demands for money to be paid unless the virus would not be turned off on their computers.

Upset teenagers slashed wrists and several jumped out of a four-storey building onto the street outside.

A lot of people are taking the message too personally. I fear there will be death or retaliation against media outlets for spreading the viruses.

The viruses appeared on servers inside Australian media outlets and spread worldwide".

Terence Panhance "There is no need to panic. Apple updates are available online. The virus appears to be a childish prank played on unwitting computers users. Young and old are vulnerable. I appeal to those affected by the virus to update your computer. I pulled out my dongle controlling internet access from the usb port and then placed it back into the usb port and that seemed to do the trick…the virus disappeared and everything appears to be working normally on my computer.

Apple updates are destroying the virus and you must allow your computer to download the update.

Teenagers are turning off the Apple updates during download using the App store and then going back to the website that issued the virus and paying a ransom online. You should never pay money to criminals.

Apple iMac and Mac mini computers are affected and the solution is getting the most recent Apple update online. App store logo at bottom of your screen…press it and go to security updates for your computer.

Parents should check that children using Apple computers during the outbreak online are steered clear of devious websites demanding a ransom to solve a virus onscreen".

Melbourne teachers appealed to teenagers to stay calm and inform others about how to prevent the virus spreading online.
Melbourne teenager Max Benford tried to jump out of a window because he could not turn off the virus this morning.

Rauri O'Flynn "Teenagers are running into windows and falling onto the street below. It is just a virus on Apple computers…you don't have to take your life because of some stupid virus that can be solved by taking out your router and then plugging it in again. Apple issued an update…simply download it and the problem is solved".
Sydney office workers jumped onto the street below. Everyone is scared about the computer virus.

Managers have been warned to be on the look out for vulnerable employees that might take their life.

Simon Piels "Young men are vulnerable. It just takes one thing to send them over the edge. Australia is facing a cyber attack which could kill hundreds of computer users. I hope the virus is destroyed in the coming days".

Terry Engle "Businesses trying to increase sales because of Black Friday. Managers and young employees are vulnerable. A virus affecting daily sales figures could increase anxiety and lead some people over the edge.

We have to take the virus very seriously and solve it with the utmost urgency. Apple needs to do more to safeguard businesses in Australia".