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Golden Globes 2018
Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy

By Demori Pasqui
11:33 am, Sun, Jan 7th, 2018 | Updated 11:34 am, Sun, Jan 7th, 2018

The Greatest Showman, I Tonya, Get Out are heading to disaster.

Mike Philips "The Greatest Showman lacked a good storyline. Visuals were poor and sound distracting at times…leading actor was dull and lacked courage to transform the script".

Rocelle Alysse "I, Tonya had the potential to outperform the pack fighting for this award. Leading actress distracted the audience - low audio and changing rhythm".

Isla McBlearin "Get Out assembled a terrific cast but the script was too difficult to perform. Actors struggled with lines and tempo. Definitely heading for disaster. Can't see anyone walking on stage to collect an award for this movie.

Josh Grenaldi "The Disaster Artist and Lady Bird. Fantastic movies. Outstanding performances by leading actress in Lady Bird. Both worthy of Oscar nomination. I feel the night will be dominated by women. Lady Bird shines brightly".

Helena Comarche "Lady Bird is powerful. I,Tonya has failed big time this year".

Royen Qaultraine "Get Out was very good. Fair assembly of cast. Black is the new gold. Actors must flourish if they are a different color. I fear…the night will be controlled by a feminist agenda. Lady Bird winning because it had a strong female cast".

Ishmael Alebra "This award lacked muslim and other ethnic groups participating in the script. Too many white and christian actors. I hate the fact that this award will be given to the cast with highest number of females".

Tyler Daines "Insiders are talking about Lady Bird collecting this award. Doesn't leave much chance for the rest of the actors left behind on Golden Globes night".

Yushi Clavel "Jewish actors walked away from scripts during the year. You have to stand tall and support Producers and Directors".

Adele Vicola "Can't wait to see Lady Bird win Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy. Director and Producer will step forward…I feel the award should be handed to a female member of the cast".

Jasmine Alicante "Female power. Look around the stage. Women will dominate the Golden Globes".