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Big T ready to step outside with Chris Pratt
By Fiona Miles
11:30 am, Fri, Dec 1st, 2017 | Updated 11:31 am, Fri, Dec 1st, 2017.

Los Angeles. - A-List Actor Chris Pratt is facing a bullet at point blank range. Chris issued a number of threats against a dude who is posing as him to score dates.

'Big T' told waiting reporters "Chris better shut his mouth…I am going to put something special inside his head".

Angry 'Big T' said "If Chris wants to punch me…just step outside…in fact don't…I am coming to get you…complete Pratt…call me an imposter…make fun of me on TMZ…hell you and me going to have some party-time this week.

Can't wait to see your face when you step outside…Where do you live? Ah…Yes…that big house facing that other one…I get it…see you…me you gonna party all night…I tie you up and whip your sorry butt…maybe place some cream inside it".

'Big T' has been spotted three times following Chris on the street. Fans are concerned about their beloved star.

Henry Jennis "Who is hitting up Who? Everyone is sick. Death threats and women being threatened. Stop right now Chris you total Pratt and be happy with the outcome. You want to make something of it…step aside for the real lovers in this town".

Elena Anchen "Everyone is upset. Chris is pointing the finger at a fan. Now there is some feud going on. People could get hurt. Producers or representatives should step in and appeal for calm. This actor is setting himself up for something he has no control over…why is he concerned about trivial matters on Facebook?"