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Alicia Vikander denies rape claim
By Demori Pasqui
11:33 am, Fri, Dec 1st, 2017 | Updated 11:34 am, Fri, Dec 1st, 2017

Madrid, Spain. - Alicia Vikander denies Harvey Weinstein raped her in the bedroom.

Fiona Elison "Reports about a famous female actor being raped by a famous Hollywood icon has been circulating for days.

Alicia stays silent about Harvey Weinstein. She has allowed a number of Producers to expose themselves during filming".

Tanya Salwoski "Alicia likes throwing off her clothes and walking about naked. Camera guys stand aside and she blows kisses and wanders about like she is invincible on set.

It was only a matter of time before some guy took advantage of the situation. Now we have silence…how long do we have to wait before the anonymous victim reveals herself to the media? As for the guy…can't wait to see her husband talking to the cameras about the latest news".

Lyle Everett "Alicia is a pretty lady…I fear she has revealed too much to the wrong guy…set herself up for some 'slap and tickle' that got out of hand during filming. Parading naked and bending over to collect the script…what do you expect? Men would do anything for a naked body. Alicia thought she was invincible…now she has to collect the pieces and form a new union with her husband".