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Michael Moore offered shake it and leave it deal
By Demori Pasqui
11:41 am, Fri, Dec 1st, 2017 | Updated 11:43 am, Fri, Dec 1st, 2017

Los Angeles - Legal battle between Michael Moore and Harvey & Bob Weinstein has begun today over Fahrenheit 11/9, the sequel Moore is making to his 2004 film which became the biggest grossing documentary of all time.

Michael Moore has been left frustrated by recent events unfolding in Hollywood. Weinstein brothers are holding everyone to ransom.

Tight controls over the documentary have left distributors fuming. Step in the legal teams. Whilst the cat (Harvey) is away in rehab, the mice (Michael Moore and Bob Weinstein) are debating a suitable settlement for "parties caught up in an unforeseen event".

Michael Moore has been offered $60 million to stall documentary until next years Oscars. You mean the year 2018? No, the year 2019.

Forget about Oscars nomination in 2018. Michael has been left with no award. WME reps are demanding "a fair share of the $60 million". In fact, $25 million 'take it or leave it' deal has been offered to a premium broadcast outlet.

Who has the most money? Michael Moore may have to push and shove a few people in the boardroom to squeeze some extra dollars into his pocket.

Sources denied $60 million dollars was offered during a 'secret hand-shake' attended by the mice (Michael Moore and Bob Weinstein).

In fact Bob Weinstein offered only $2 million out of the $6 million pledged in a deal agreed months before Harvey's famous scandal.

"Where is the rest of the money?", was heard in a boardroom during Friday. Michael Moore has been seen pacing up and down corridors scratching his head and talking on the phone.

"You can't offer $60 million dollars and then produce $2 million dollars. Since when has a scandal involving numerous women halted the payment of anything?" cries Michael Moore fans.

It's downright morally incorrect. Intense huffing and fists being raised will not solve the situation.

Meanwhile, Harvey Weinstein was spotted looking at a tree during rehab. Oh the joy of rehab. Away from problems. Just sit back and relax whilst others go totally ape in Los Angeles.

President Trump will be laughing. Bob Weinstein has been seen talking to Harvey on the phone. What should I do Harvey?

"Leave it until I return" says Harvey. "Besides, it is not as if Michael Moore has a lot of power in Hollywood", was recorded by paparazzi in the bushes outside.

Did Michael Moore know that Harvey was involved in a scandal about to break? If so, Michael is now facing a dilemma. Entering into a deal at that time means he accepts the "first offer on the table", $2 million dollars. Forget about the $60 million offered.

In fact, "Michael can go shove the $2 million up his butt" says Charles Wheeler. Voices raised and Michael walking to door. "See you in court" was heard during a lengthy heated talk on Friday.

Michael Moore denies "anything happened like that on Friday". Paparazzi are laughing outside.

'Big Man' Moore is now left in a room seeking to undo the deal by alleging fraud against Harvey Weinstein, for entering into a deal at a time (the cat) knew full well that his misconduct was being investigated and would soon be exposed.

Harvey Weinstein may have begin another 'Alfred Hitchcock' investigation on Michael Moore. Expect crows flying past Michael's ear and cigarette ash being flicked at men wearing dark glasses.

Stalking Michael Moore. Would Harvey have the ***** or audacity to authorise a private investigation whilst in rehab?

Harvey wants to stand aside. But remember to slip $40 million dollars into his hand before the confirmed distribution date.

Bob Weinstein "Michael Moore an I always have and still enjoy a good personal and business relationship. With regards to commenting on his future film, I think he would be the best person to speak with". It is like a cheetah and lion talking about a recent hunt in South Africa.

What does all this mean? The film won't be finished until after next year. Forget about the Cannes Film Festival. "Michael doesn't have to buy tickets to Cannes" says Ben Miliken.

Michael Moore will be delighted. Money saving ideas and the solution is the Weinstein's stepping aside. What can go wrong?

Bob Weinstein having a heart attack or Harvey spending all the money on liposuction and paying victims of his "minor indiscretion in a toilet…just leave at that…I'm in rehab" unsightly acts.

How many more times can a disgraced mogul be disgraced? If it ends up in the courts, Harvey is heading for the Hills. Expect to see a bald man dancing across the fields and singing. The joy of liposuction.

Michael Moore could face vicious attacks from Weinstein lawyers. Settling out of court will not not be the case the second time around.

"Use This Moment To Create A World Without Harveys" cries Michael Moore. Just wait until Harvey gets out of rehab.

Moore called for predators to voluntarily step down. "Harvey is Harvey…he always has a plan up his sleeve…Michael is an easy target…we know what we are facing…legal battles are not scary…Moore will just have to accept a small cut in the deal" says William Taol.

Michael Moore might have to direct a new documentary 'Overcoming problems in life - a Weinstein tale of deliverance and patience'.